Is blogging important for business? The simple answer is “YES”.

Adding regular blog posts with good quality content will increase your online visibility and drive additional traffic to your website.

Your business website is a valuable marketing tool and the inclusion of a blog is strongly advised. Your blog should ideally be part of your website, and not a link off to another third party blogging platform.  For best marketing results, your blog URL should be  Every blog post you publish is seen as a new page by search engines. The more pages your website has, the better chance it has of being ranked higher in search engines. For example, Google likes to see new content being regularly added to websites, and rewards such websites with higher visibility. A blog has the added benefit of keeping all of these new pages in one place.  This avoids cluttering your website with loads of additional pages – a cluttered website is not a good user experience.

When you are blogging for your business you should post good quality content about subjects relevant to your business. Restaurants might blog about a new menu, or a recent award it received. Fashion retailers might blog about current trends or to announce a new range of clothing in stock.  Make sure to include some good quality images to make your blog post visually appealing.  Don’t be afraid to include your personal thoughts and insights, and to invite conversation and interaction. This builds customer trust, brand awareness and can ultimately convert potentials into customers. By adding regular blog posts to your website, you are setting yourself ahead of your competitors, engaging potential customers and ultimately, sales.  Use your blog as a marketing channel, the same as your social media channels, e-mail campaigns, newsletters, direct mail etc.


Some Benefits of Blogging for business:

  • Increases your online visibility
  • Drives additional traffic to your website
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Differentiates your business from your competitors
  • Supports your social media marketing
  • Increases leads
  • Initiates customer conversations
  • Builds customer trust and confidence